The next big exercise craze – Suspension training! #health #fitness #reiki

Calling all fitness fanatics…have you seen the new craze which is crossing the Atlantic and going wild here in the UK? Its called suspension training and looks pretty hardcore!

Check this video out….

So not only is this something that’s taking over gyms with more instructors learning how to teach this to all us keen beans, but there are also reports that enthusiasts are taking the suspension training straps out of the gym and giving it a go on the mean streets of London. So with the sun coming out (we hope!) expect to see more people strapping themselves up to trees, lamp posts and other “anchors” – just remember, they’re not mad, they’re healthy.

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So what do the experts say? Well we caught up with Holistic and Complimentary Therapist Marcus Woodman (, who is a qualified instructor in Suspension training and talks us through that and one of his favourite therapies – Reiki.

What is suspension training?

Suspension training is when a person is suspended at a 45 degree angle and using gravity and body weight to do a workout.

Why would people choose this form of exercise?

It’s an alternative option that allows you to use different muscles in the body. Normally you would have a bench or the like, to support your body weight, in this instance you have nothing and therefore have to use your own body to support your arms as well as using your core muscles more to do the workout.

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Should we be worried about looking silly doing it? 

You’re using ropes to support yourself, so if anything you’ll look more like an acrobat rather than looking silly! If you think of what acrobats do with their equipment, suspension training is very similar, but in this instance you’re on the floor and will be using your muscles to support yourself as you move in different directions.

Phew! So, who shouldn’t do this type of exercise?

I think this is tailored to anyone and everyone, as long as they’re under good strict guidance as to what they’re doing, you can’t really go wrong.

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Why would I choose suspension training over other forms of exercise?

You can do this anywhere, take it to the streets… you can use a lamp post, tree, door, as long as it’s something strong and stable. It also works your core muscles a lot harder than other exercises.

How many people in the UK are doing this.

A lot of gyms have the equipment but not enough trainers at the moment, so people who watch the videos on YouTube are taking this into their own hands….

Uh….oh…must be a fair few injuries…

I’ve not seen any so far, but everyone should be careful when doing it and make sure they’re briefed/trained up first.

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Great! So when you’re not suspending from straps on lamp posts, trees, doors etc, what other treatments do you like to carry out?

Reiki is a fantastic alternative therapy that I use with a number of clients.

What is Rekie?

It’s a non-invasive complimentary therapy which involves a natural healing element. It can be implemented into other treatments such as Indian Head Massage and used to help people with both emotional and physical ailments such as depression and for those who feel like they need a different type of healing.

 What makes this stand out from other holistic treatments?

Its very different, firstly there is no contact, and people can feel different sensations, ie: cold/hot which is basically the energy travelling between the person being treated and myself. So I can feel those sensations too…

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You can feel the heat from another person?

Yes, therapists map out symbols on certain parts of the body to bring out energy ie: rememberence, healing, grounding etc, and I feel the heat coming from the throat, eyes or head – each of these areas are called chakras which are the energys within the body. Some places you can feel movement or the person moves but doesn’t realise that they are doing it.

Can this be dangerous?

No, its not like massage where you’re physically doing something to somebody and touching soft tissue, here, you’re not touching the person.

What would you say to the skeptics?

Its something worth trying, not everyone is going to believe in it, but if you have experienced it and know how it feels, you’ll find that it does help aid certain ailments people might have.

 What type of people have come to you for this treatment?

Depressed, people who want to feel better about themselves. Those who are mourning the dead, who want to help bring out the memories and energy of the loved ones, and sometimes those who have more physical pain, I’ve treated someone who had a shoulder and leg injury, and after the treatment saw a decrease in the level of pain he was experiencing.

If you want to find out more about Reiki there is the reiki association, or you can contact Marcus directly for more information on this and a wide range of therapies.


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