Remember the Power Rangers? We’ll they’re back on DVD in August @PowerRangerNews

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Yes, you might have to search back to your teenage years to remember those mighty morphin guys and gals, in skin tight lycra with biker helmets and too much energy for the average human being!! Well, they’re back for a brand new series, straight to the small screen in The Ultimate Duel!

So if you’ve got kids, then this is the perfect present for them – here’s what to expect!! 

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 09.18.09In the epic finale to Power Rangers Samurai, Jayden is forced into meeting Deker in The Ultimate Duel of good vs evil. With Jayden refusing the help of Kevin and the other Rangers in fighting Deker, Jayden puts Kevin in charge of leading the team to defeat Rhinosnorus and the Moogers attack on the city.

Also includes two special episodes; ‘Party Monsters’ in which the Nighlok hold a Halloween party and ‘Christmas Together, Friends Forever’ where the Power Rangers reflect on their first year together.

Combining Power Rangers nostalgia and the revamped Samurai Warrior team, Power Rangers Samurai shows that the franchise is still at the forefront of childrens’ entertainment, with an experience that can be shared across generations. With the first season reaching a thrilling finale, the DVD also contains 2 bonus seasonal episodes for even more samurai action.

Believe it or not, but the Power Rangers have been going for an incredible eighteen years!! And they really don’t show any sign of slowing down, still attracting around 2 million viewers per episode, if you or your kids are a fan of this kung-fu fighting franchise, then this next instalment is not one to miss, it will be yours to own on the 12th August!



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