Jericallas al estilo Jalisco (Mexican Crème brûlée)

These look AMAZING!!!

the domesticated feminist


You know what’s ridiculous? Clutter. Clutter is ridiculous. In fact, the only thing that trumps the ridiculousness of clutter is the fact that one hasn’t got a clue just how much clutter one has accumulated until he/she attempts to pack it all up into boxes.

I’ve banned myself from purchasing any more cookbooks for the rest of the year, and I’ve decided to start making more use of the ones I have (not that cookbooks are clutter but you know what I mean). So, coming up in the near future will be many more posts consisting of recipes from cookbooks that have been sitting on my shelf being bored—the objective, of course, is to save you the difficulty of becoming a cookbook hoarder like myself. After all, I’d like to make their inconvenient transport to Toronto worthwhile for everyone.

Today’s recipe, however, isn’t from a cookbook; it’s a very simple…

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