Has underwear really changed over the years?

Think your pants are ancient…. have a read of this fab article!!

Girl Who Would be KING on Life, Style and INSPIRATION.

You bet! My sister just bought me a vintage Playboy magazine.  The date – 1972.  The cover price – one dollar.  Before you go thinking this is all too weird the cover reads “ARevealing History of Lingerie.”  As most of you are aware, I sell beautiful lingerie online.

Moving right along…throughout much of human history, female undergarments could not in truth be named – for the very good reason that they simply didn’t exist.  If she had to name them at all, she called them her unmentionables.  Mother Eve and her sensational little micro-mini fig leaf aside, modesty has, in fact, played virtually no part in the origin of any sort of human clothing – under or outer, male or female.013

From bloomers to thongs, pointy brassieres to pushupbras, the history of lingerie reveals a lot about women’s changing role in…

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