This Summer In Hip Hop

Its feature Friday and today we found this gem…Talk about turning music on its head…read on Snoochers, a fascinating insight to this summers music scene! Have a great weekend!!

Five Fifths Media Group


The summer of 2013 has been quite eventful in hip hop. Usually, most superstar MCs wait until the late fall and early winter to release highly anticipated albums. This year, the industry has turned that norm upside down.

This summer we have heard from rappers such as Jay Z, Kanye West, J.Cole, and Wale. Each of these artists are big in their own regard, and they each attract attention from the entire universe when they put out work. Along with that attention, however, comes criticism……harsh criticism at times.

As a fan of hip hop, it is only right that I contribute my two cents to this summer’s blockbuster season. First, there was Yeezus. Any artist who titles an album after our Lord and Savior MUST deliver a sacramental body of work. After a few listens to Yeezus, I became an instant fan. It’s dark, controversial, bold, experimental, and different…

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