Its one more day to Halloween so are you in or out?! #halloween #trueblood @barsoho @foundationbar

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.40.06Whether you’re staying in or going out on All Hallows Eve, we’ve got some demonically delightful treats for you! Test your nerves with some spookily delightful delicacies from True Blood’s Drink and Bite recipe book or head to The Foundation Bar and Bar Soho to try some trickery with their cacklingly good cocktails… 


Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.16.28Entertaining in a big way, or just having a few friends over to watch scary movies (or the latest episode of True Blood!), this is the only spell book you’ll need this Halloween.  Featuring forty-five themed recipes inspired by the HBO® original series, and geared toward the ravenous fans who love to gather for weekly watch parties, True Blood Drinks & Bites is a spooky steal at just £11.99 from the HBO Store. From often-ordered refreshments at Merlotte’s and Fangtasia to the Fortenberrys’ family recipes for the best finger foods around, here are mixed drinks for teetotalers and boozehounds alike plus bites for all appetites.

Sip and nibble as the drama goes down onscreen, or quench your cravings in between episodes—how about Scorn Fritters and Cheese Stakes washed down with an ice-cold Spirit Lifter? Or a Maenad a Trois paired with Skinwalkers and Vamp Repellent? It’s a bayou buffet no Trubie can resist and you’ll be a Southern spirit in no time!

Some of our tried and tested favourites have to be Vamp Repellent (tasty and very necessary on a night like Halloween! – Pg 79) and Werewolf Biscuits Pg 105 (you’ll be howling with joy once you’ve tried them!)

Here’s another tantalising taster for you to try….

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.16.50


Well if you just cant sit still and watch something scary in your own home, maybe you’ll want to head out to the big bad, big smoke!

This Halloween Foundation Bar in Covent Garden will be hosting a 28 Days Later Halloween event complete with Zombies on arrival and coloured contact lenses!  And Bar Soho will be serving up some cocktails that will send a shiver down your spine at its very own Monster Ball, to get all London’s vampires, monsters, witches, and ghouls in the mood for Halloween. The cocktail recipes are below, and please find the full press release with images attached.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.45.37Dracula’s Kiss

Every Halloween is undoubtedly blood thirsty and this year is no exception. But stay away from the blood and try out a Dracula’s Kiss instead; a mixture of Eristoff vodka, Chambord, and cranberry juice.

Vampire Elixir

Elixir, Greek for sweet-flavoured liquid that heals wounds, is a perfect drink to accompany anyone who’s been hanging out with vampires. Eristoff vodka mixed with apricot brandy, lime juice, pomegranate juice- this cocktail certainly has healing powers.

Monsters Ink

This Monsters Ink cocktail contains Bacardi Superior, Archers, Monster Energy and a healthy drop of Eristoff Black vodka that dribbles through the cocktail like an open wound.

Witches Brew

A frightfully daring brew of both Eristoff and Eristoff Black vodka mixed with Blue Curacao and apple juice, all topped off with extra sour sweets to make you cackle!Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.45.50



Give a little back and get in the Halloween spirit with @NCS as they Bite Back! #halloween #film #ncsyes

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 18.10.33

Calling all young people!!!

If you’ve ever fancied yourself in front of the camera or are interested working behind the scenes on a film shoot, now’s your chance to win a role in the making of NCS’s Zombie film, due to air this autumn.

Getting into the Halloween spirit in full force, the National Citizen Service is giving a little back and celebrating all the amazing hours of community action provided by NCS Graduates this summer.

So if you fancy yourself as a ghoulishly glorious Halloween character then get involved the NCS is inviting young people from across England to be part of NCS Bites Back!

If being in front of the camera isn’t for you, then you can still work behind the scenes gaining some valuable experience as the make-up artist, camera or production assistant on set…so what are you waiting for?! 

The shoot is taking place on the 12th of October, so make sure you’re free!

For your chance to get involved, all you need to do is enter here 

What is the NCS?

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to all 16 to 17 year olds across England.  It is a unique programme, lasting up to three weeks, plus 30 hours committed to a community project, focused around fun and discovery that benefits both young people and society.

Want to learn more about what the NCS has to offer? Then watch this:

To find out more about NCS, watch: 



Remember the Power Rangers? We’ll they’re back on DVD in August @PowerRangerNews

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 09.18.00

Yes, you might have to search back to your teenage years to remember those mighty morphin guys and gals, in skin tight lycra with biker helmets and too much energy for the average human being!! Well, they’re back for a brand new series, straight to the small screen in The Ultimate Duel!

So if you’ve got kids, then this is the perfect present for them – here’s what to expect!! 

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 09.18.09In the epic finale to Power Rangers Samurai, Jayden is forced into meeting Deker in The Ultimate Duel of good vs evil. With Jayden refusing the help of Kevin and the other Rangers in fighting Deker, Jayden puts Kevin in charge of leading the team to defeat Rhinosnorus and the Moogers attack on the city.

Also includes two special episodes; ‘Party Monsters’ in which the Nighlok hold a Halloween party and ‘Christmas Together, Friends Forever’ where the Power Rangers reflect on their first year together.

Combining Power Rangers nostalgia and the revamped Samurai Warrior team, Power Rangers Samurai shows that the franchise is still at the forefront of childrens’ entertainment, with an experience that can be shared across generations. With the first season reaching a thrilling finale, the DVD also contains 2 bonus seasonal episodes for even more samurai action.

Believe it or not, but the Power Rangers have been going for an incredible eighteen years!! And they really don’t show any sign of slowing down, still attracting around 2 million viewers per episode, if you or your kids are a fan of this kung-fu fighting franchise, then this next instalment is not one to miss, it will be yours to own on the 12th August!